What If I Told You There Was A Natural “Medical” Procedure That Made You Lose Weight Easily And Didn’t Require Drugs, Surgery, Or Even A Diet? 


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Dr. Paul Braadt DC

Has weight loss become difficult despite your efforts to diet and exercise?

Has your weight problem worsened your self-esteem?

Are CRAVINGS for sweets, breads, chocolate and salty foods interfering with your weight and energy level?

Has your love life been affected by your condition?

Is there a certain weight or size that you must NOT exceed?

Did you find that you started gaining weight after MENOPAUSE or pregnancy?

These are common complaints that I hear from new patients every week. But the key to weight loss is discovering WHY you can’t lose weight.


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My name is Dr. Paul Braadt and I have been practicing in Allentown, PA for 36 years.

In my practice I focus on helping people like you, who have been unable to lose weight, to find the exact medical reason why they cannot lose weight. Then I provide the correct individually customized solution to eliminate the exact medical barrier that is preventing you from losing weight.

Not all bodies are the same. One weight loss program may work great for one person, but fail miserably for another. There are 4 distinctly different Body Types. Each Body Type FAILS to lose weight in a particular way.

This failure has a medical reason and that reason must be addressed for your body to lose weight. If it is not addressed and handled, weight loss can become extremely difficult or impossible. When it is handled, weight loss can occur easily and permanently.

It is my mission to see YOU achieve your ideal weight quickly and with as little strain as possible.

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Dr. Paul Braadt DC
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The Body Type Weight Loss System

4 Body Types

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